15 Random Facts About Me..ヽ(ヅ)ノ

So.. for those who want to know more about me, here are 15 random things about me! 🙂
  1. I am “a lazy procrastinating little devil..” in the words of my lovely Bff.. 😛
  2. I am a night owl; meaning that I stay awake at nights, a lot. :3
  3. I love to “sulk” and “lurk” on my GR Groups. XD
  4. My guilty pleasure is reading chick lit which many readers claim to not like, but I do .-.
  5. I have an absolute dislike for sweets. \._./
  6. I own more than a whopping 100 paperback novels ^_^
  7. I overthink things and put myself in a bad mood.
  8. I’m secretly a hopeless romantic and like cheesy dialogues in novels! *eye roll*
  9. Once one foot of my fav pair of slippers was lost and hasn’t been found yet. :/
  10. I like reading about the history of my city, but I don’t like the ‘subject’ History and can’t learn it if my life depended on it! 😐
  11. I’m a choosy eater. Very choosy. I mean, I don’t even like pizzas and burgers. XD
  12. Anxiety and me go hand in hand.
  13. I like writing poetry, but don’t show it to many people.
  14. I play harmonium and love singing.
  15. And I suck at arts and crafts. #_#

That’s all for now! Any other questions, just ask! 🙂


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