Darkfever by Karen Marie Moning

Darkfever4.5 Delirious Stars For This Amazing Novel!
★★★★☆On July 9, a normal lazy summer day for Mac, she was sitting in the pool, working on her tan. With her parents away on vacation and her elder sister, Alina away to Dublin, Mac was alone in her house when the phone rang. She ran to get it, and after that call her life as she knew it changed. Her sister was dead. Murdered.

Death happened to really old people.


When the Dublin police closes the case because of lack of evidence, and MacKayla finds a voice message from Alina, in which she said things which confused Mac to the core.

“I thought I was in love with him and he’s one of them, Mac! He’s one of them!”

We’ve got to find the Sinsar Dubh! Everything depends on it!

Who was this mysterious him her sister was in love with? And why hadn’t she mentioned anything about him before? What is this Sinsar Dubh? Who had murdered her and more importantly, why?
Filled with these questions in her mind, Mac set for a journey to Dublin, to avenge her sister’s murderer, and to get all the answers.

In this journey it is when she stumbles by the realm of fae, and is forced to accept the reality of who she is, and where she belongs, no matter how unrealistic it all may sound.

Mac is a sidhe-seer. And she has no choice but to accept being one.

My Thoughts
I totally LOVED this book. Really. It was a quick read for me and my first fantasy after around a month! I loved the characters, I loved how everybody had double personalities. You couldn’t just guess who was who. The hero could look like the villain and vice-versa.

Secrets. Everyone had secrets.

I loved Mac and her love for all things shiny. The way she believed that as by putting on a smile you’d feel better just the same way by presenting a together appearance could make one feel more together.The determination she had to find her sister’s killer and give her justice is admirable. Jerricho Barrons! I loved his stubborn attitude. Even though he did hide a lot from Mac. I love the air of mystery that surrounded him and his know-it-all moments. He was simply a bastard and an awesome one at that! I loved the banters between Ms. Lane and Barrons. He was ruthless, and he was nice, both at the same time. More importantly, I loved his LARGE book store!!

..a display of books that made the library Disney’s Beast gave to Beauty on their wedding day look understocked..”

Who wouldn’t want to meet someone who’s the owner of such an amazing bookstore? 😉

I don’t think I can say much about V’lane, prince of the Tuatha De Dannan, a Seelie fae. This thing is, faes aren’t supposed to be nice here. They are supposed to be dangerous. And so is he. Disconcertingly beautiful, he can arouse anyone just with his being present in the room. I don’t think I liked him much in the parts he played in this book, whether I’ll like him or not in the sequels, I can’t say.

All in all, I loved this book and the ending left me wanting for more! An amazing read!


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