The Activist and The Capitalist: An Unlikely Love Story by Vibha Batra

the activist and the capitalist5 Romantic Stars

Meet Anusha Iyer, the Firebrand Activist
A sweet girl, who’s passionate about conserving heritage buildings, is an introvert, and has a hard time being herself.

Now, meet Jai Khanna, the Hotshot Capitalist
The CEO of a leading construction company started by his grandpa and an uncle, having a busy social life, and a busier work one.

On one magical night at the beach, they both meet, and sparks fly. There is an instant chemistry spotted between them. But that night, they part ways, to never meet again or…?

This story is of how, when these two meet after months, and realize that one is working to reconstruct the building, Rasa Vihar, and other, fighting to protect it. This sudden second-meeting, does this suggest at a chance to be together; in love again, or is this supposed to show that their lives are too different to let them come together?

Read this book to find out!


The plot was an enticing one, which, to say the least, I utterly loved. The sweet banter between Jai and Anusha was enjoyable, and even though there was romance, it never felt that Rasa Vihar was left out of the plot, or forgotten about. The balance was wonderfully maintained.

The characters were real, imperfect. They had flaws of their own, shortcomings which they needed to worked on. They got angry, they got hurt. They got happy, they got sad. They were passionate, lively. Even the minor characters like Dolly aunty, and Jai’s Grandpa, had their own set of quirks.

The writing was easy going, and simple. It could’ve been better maybe, but it was fine, I’d guess.

So if anyone is looking for a light-hearted romance read, I’d suggest to read this book right here! This very much appealed to the romancaholic side of my personality.

~A BIG thank you to IndiReads to give me an ARC of the book~


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