Reason to Breathe by Rebecca Donovan

reason to breathe4½ Hidden Stars…

All sixteen-year-old Emma Thomas has wanted is to disappear. To blend in the crowd. And to get away from the demons which have been haunting her in the town of Weslyn, Connecticut.
And the easiest way to leave the town would be to get to a college far away, as soon as she can.

Everything has been going according to her plan when a certain Evan Mathews enters Emma’s life and ignites emotions in her which even Sara, her best friend, hadn’t witnessed before.

To Evan, Emma is “interesting”.
To Emma, Evan is “annoying”.
To the whole school, Emma and Evan are “dating”.

But one is not necessarily right about everything.

Emma has her share of secrets to keep, which she can’t disclose to anyone, no matter how much she trusts them.
Evan is hellbent on finding out what is the reason behind those strict home rules and that sad smile.

Among the two, who will succeed, and at what cost?
Read on to find out.


Oh. My. God.

This book was.. hard to read. Not because it had tough words or anything… it was just.. tough.

The description of each and every scene seemed so real that one felt right inside the book. Though at some points, the description felt a tad bit too long. The half star has been deducted just for that few moments.

The plot was great. It wasn’t too fast, but it wasn’t so slow to make you lose interest either. The characters were real. Their problems, their insecurities were real. Their relationships and fears were real.

“You keep everything locked up so tight – I’m afraid someday you’re going to explode.”

And last but not the least, The Cliffhanger.
I can’t, and won’t say much without giving away spoilers. So all I’m willing to say is, it shook me to the core, and resulted in me picking up the second in series immediately.

All in all, this book was amazing.
Recommended to every single person out there.


Some quotes from the book:-

1. “I don’t know how to fit you in my world without hurting you too.”

2. It’s just another night, right? But that was the problem.

3. No one tried to get involve with me, and I kept to myself. This was the place where everything was supposed to be safe and easy.

4. “I’d rather have these incredible memories of the two night I spent with him, knowing that I probably won’t go out with him again, than not to have had them at all.”


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