Reading Slumps

Reading Slumps: What they are and How to combat them


Reading Slumps. Nasty thing. Most of us readers know what they are, probably from first-hand experience. But the big question is how to overcome them.

For those who don’t know, reading slumps are periods of time when it seems like you can’t finish any book and no book is catching your interest. Sometimes, even your reading your favourite novels can feel like a chore and you just want to put the book aside and lie down. In simpler words, it’s a halt in your reading.

download What we need to do, is understand them. The first step in combating them, according to me, is to understand WHY you don’t feel like reading. Maybe you read a bad novel, or maybe you’re going through some stressful events in your life that make you uneasy. Maybe your mind is caught up in other hobbies of yours like, I don’t know, singing maybe? If you can understand the cause, you can do something to change the circumstances probably.

Secondly, we can try reading something fast paced of the genre we like. For me, that could be a YA Romance or a YA Fantasy. It’d be better I think if the book isn’t too gloomy. Reading a book of humour genre might also help in some cases.

We can also re-read an old favourite. There’s always at least one “go-to” book for each person that instantly cheers them up. Maybe the Harry Potter series for some people, and the Percy Jackson for others? Or maybe it’s an amazing classic like Pride and Prejudice for one, and a simple one, say Robinson Crusoe for the other? It all varies person-by-person.

Lastly, if none of this works to break the slump, we can always give a break in the reading. Rest for some time, do other stuff, try to let our mind wander, or maybe, just maybe, write a blog post on how to combat reading slumps like me. 😀

Hope everyone gets a little help by this and understand that sometimes, there’s no other way except to take a break. 🙂


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