Finding Audrey by Sophie Kinsella

233056142.5 stars

I’m really scared while writing this review, because I know for a fact that my buddy and MOST of the people who’ve read it, liked this book. I gotta have some explaining to do.

Okay so maybe it wasn’t this bad, but reading it right after The Sea of Tranquility was definitely a bad idea.
It sort of dulled this book for me. Even though both had two very different topics, I was still looking for the beauty.

Now I had a number of problems with this book.


1. We are not explained the CAUSE of anxiety properly. (spoiler on Goodreads review)

2. Instalove. I usually don’t have any problems with it, but this was way too instant. Even for my liking.

3. (spoiler on Goodreads review)

4. The mother’s obsession with Frank’s computer addiction
Seemed like the mother was the one having an addiction, to be honest. To Daily Mail, probably.

I really LOVED the other books of Sophie Kinsella that I’ve read. Sadly, this wasn’t up to the mark.


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