Wanting For More

This is one piece I wrote this August. 

It was one of those moments when a line just comes to you, you know? When a line suddenly strikes your mind like lightning and you’re filled with inspiration to continue it. 

I love those moments.

I am like a fresh gust of wind

My arrival is sudden

My departure even more so

I’ll be gone before you even process my stay

Leaving you wanting for more

Your nights, they’ll be haunted by me

During days you’ll see me everywhere

At places we had gone together

At places you had never seen me

At places I had never been

I passed on a piece of my essence on to you

And because you’ll fall in love with me

When I leave

I’ll be taking your heart with me

Stealing your ability to love anyone else ever again.

I did warn you though

I said I’ll leave you wanting for more.


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