If I Ever Have A Daughter

Just some piece I wrote on an impulse. Even though it’s obvious, this is inspired by Sarah Kay’s If I Should Ever Have A Daughter.

PS: Those who haven’t listened to Sarah Kay, go do now!

As I’d hold her in my arms
For the very first time
I’d etch that moment in my heart
Because the heart? It never forgets
I’d sing her a lullaby
She’ll learn that music fills all wounds eventually
And the scars that remain afterwards
They aren’t meant to be hidden
She’ll wear them proudly as battle marks
The sign of victory despite all odds
Of having a hundred percent track record of getting through each bad day
But God, I’d make sure that she never has to have a bad day
I’d stand like that tree in our backyard
Which shades us from the sun
And shields us from the rain
Anything wanting to harm her would have to cross my path first
But that doesn’t mean I’ll let her be pampered
She’d have to know that she can’t always get her way in life
Because I don’t want to see her fall when the tree in our backyard falls
Everything falls sooner or later, you see
She’d learn that when her favourite toy breaks beyond repair
That some things even music and love can’t fix
Hugs do make the pain a little less though
And talking things out over a cup of hot chocolate surely does help
I’ll teach her that “BFFs” don’t always remain forever
And forever doesn’t always have to be a long time
Gus gave Hazel forever within a number of days she’d find for herself
I think I’ll let her be one of those romancaholics if she wants to
As long as she doesn’t start dreaming about a Prince Charming of her own
My little girl will learn how everyone has to be their own Knight in Shining Armour
That when the skies break open someone might hold her hand
But no one can hold the sky for her
Neither can she hold the sky for someone else while she’s being crushed
We have to save ourselves first to even be able to just plan on saving others
An empty cup can’t pour water for others, I’ll teach her
I’ll teach her to be gentle
More to herself than others are
To not be too hard on herself
To forgive mistakes, especially her own
No one can be perfect after all
And I’ll make sure she always loves herself
I can’t let her make the same mistakes I did
I’ll make a warrior out of her, not a worrier
She’d have to learn to pick herself up each time she falls
Because she’ll know that like the tree in our backyard
One day I’d have to fall too
And no matter how many musical melodies she might whisper lovingly in my ears then
My eyes won’t be opening again no matter how much I want them to
Some things are beyond our control
Fate and Destiny
They are things greater than our will and love
But she’d have to pick herself up like I would’ve taught her to
Like I have done
Because she’d be my warrior
I’m worrier enough for both of us she’d know.


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